Have you been searching for the Nottingham Natural Health Centre?

If so you will have discovered that it has undergone a massive transformation. So different in fact that it has a new owner and a new name  The Magnolia Therapy Centre. 

So, what’s changed and what hasn’t changed ?

Location  –  remains the same at

354 Mansfield Road, Carington, Sherwood,NG5 2EF

or “opposite the Cheesecake Shop”  and  “just up from Lidl”

Reception – Well, strictly speaking, the location of reception has changed, its now in “John’s room”. The room with the lovely bay window at the front of the practice.The reception staff have also changed. Ali, Vicky and Sandra left to pursue other ventures leaving a void for  Allison, Page, Rachel and Michelle to fill. They will still help with you any enquiries and hold that caring approach necessary for a complementary health centre.

Practitioners –  You will still find many familiar faces from the Nottingham Natural Health Centre at the Magnolia Therapy Centre. Louise Lipman and Tony Orridge continue with acupuncture, Ricenda Carlton (massage), Pat Hughes (Bowens plus others), Yo Bucklow (Shiatsu), Louise Lera (Homeopathy plus others), Wendy Ingram (Chiropody). Their professional and caring approach to their work remains outstanding and is a key factor which identifies this team of practitioners. There are also many new faces offering a wider variety of treatments from colonic irrigation to psychotherapy. Check out the website or Facebook page to keep up with who is doing what.

Website – http://naturalhealthcentre.co.uk/ now points you to the http://www.magnoliatherapycentre.com/page/therapies Louise and Tony have their own too http://acupuncturenottingham.co.uk/

Nick Haines  –  Where has he gone and what is he up to? Well as those of you who know Nick, know that alongside his successful acupuncture practice, he was always up to something else and on his way somewhere. Years back it was teaching at the Northern College of Acupuncture https://chinese-medicine.co.uk the acupuncture college he co-founded with Hugh Macpherson. More recently, the entrepreneurial Nick, with his remarkable ability to apply the ancient theories of Chinese medicine to organisations as well as the individuals within them, is travelling near and far across the globe offering a wider audience the benefit of his approach https://www.fiveinstitute.com

Skirting boards – the jury is still out on whether they should be painted or not – come and have a look and give us your opinion! In fact, its not just the skirting boards that have changed. The building has undergone a massive refurbishment. Not to say that it wasn’t in need of a bit of tidy up, but Mark Buckingham has gone the whole hog! Most patients are loving the soft carpets, fresh paintwork, arm chairs, wide treatment couches and change of walls, but there a few hankering after the old fireplaces and stained glass windows – although Mark did say the glass would find its way back into the centre soon.

What it isn’t  – a double glazing sales room! Ok, so there is a lot of new double glazing, and a porch has been added so the outside does look a bit different – but, these changes have made a huge difference to the comfort on the inside of the building (and the heating costs!).

Come along and have a look – let us know what you think.

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